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petclothes's Journal

The Well-dressed Pet Community
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This will be a community focused on pet clothes, mainly dog and cat clothes (but other pet clothiers and clothing links/talk is welcome!). Clothes aren't just for humans anymore, and some pets actually need to be kept warm (Chinese Cresteds and other naked/semi-naked dogs, naked cats, naked rats, etc.). But of course there's also people who just like to put clothes on their pets (cats in particular). It's funny.

I have a dog and four cats who have a modest wardrobe, but I'm looking to expand it. Hopefully through community interaction we can trade links and suggestions. If you like to sew and can make your own stuff? Cool. If you like to shop at a certain place for your dog or cat's wardrobe? Share with us some links or locations.

Rule #1: CLOTHES ONLY. Food, treats, toys...not the community for it.
Rule #2: See rule #1. :)
Rule #3: No rudeness will be tolerated. If someone likes to put hats on their ferrets, so be it. Namecalling and personal attacks aren't allowed, and the guilty ones will be booted swiftly.
Rule #4: More than one pic of your pet with clothes on? Please use an lj-cut after the first pic.

That's pretty much it. Have fun!
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